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26 November 2023

This month’s Car Run (November 2023) was different, and interesting and posed several challenges for everyone who took part, from a two-stage set of instructions to a series of questions and also a Jenga-building exercise!  It was organised by Gaston Westphal and was appropriately called the “Jenga” Drive.  It attracted a huge number of members wishing to take part, so much so, that we almost exceeded the number who could be accommodated at the restaurant! 50 people and 25 cars were in attendance.

Members met at Diablito restaurant in Puerto Portals for coffee and croissants and by 11am everyone had received their instructions for the first part of the Run and were then on their way.  The first part of the route took us to Montuiri, starting along the Via de Cintura, then the MA-15 to Manacor and from there to Llucmajor, Porreres and finally Montuiri. We passed timed control checkpoints on the way and on arrival in Montuiri we parked opposite the Bar S’Hostal where refreshments were available.  However, this was not just a rest and drinks break – Gaston had instead got everyone to construct a ‘Jenga’ from existing blocks, the aim being to get as high as you can with a minimum number of Jenga blocks.  As if this was not enough, Gaston also got us to answer car-related questions, with no opportunity to use the internet!  This proved challenging and a lot of fun.

After this, we were given another set of map instructions for the second stage of the Car Run.  From Montuiri we were heading for the El Vasco restaurant close to Soller.  The journey took us to Sencelles, Biniagual, Santa Maria, Palmanyola and finally El Vasco. There were many twists and turns on this stage of the run with some major roads interspersed with narrower roads, giving everyone some stunning views of the countryside, with a backdrop of rugged and imposing mountains.  Many stopped in Biniagual for a tour of this picturesque village and a cursory look around the Finca Biniagual, which is famous for producing some excellent wines.  Once everyone arrived at the El Vasco restaurant, we settled into a delicious three-course lunch with wine, which went down very well.

After much deliberation, Gaston was able to announce the winners, but in keeping with the ‘different’ nature of this Car Run, he announced winners for the Best Dressed,being Gerton and Cindy in the Ford Truck and the furthest away to attend was Frank Krüger in his Corvette, and they won the gas guzzler category as well!  The overall winners were decided by a Jenga game!  The ultimate winners were Karsten and Sarah Le Blanc in a Porsche 356, in Second Place were Gerrit Boettcher and Alexandra Kirikos in a Mustang Fastback, and in Third Place were Matthias Ohm and Marisa De Luca in an Austin Healey.  Congratulations to all the winners.

Finally, a big thank you to Gaston for organising such an entertaining and memorable Car Run, and at such short notice.  Also, as always, a big thanks to Helen Pitt for managing all the admin side of this Car Run.

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