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How to get involved with the club

The Classic Car Club is a group of enthusiasts who like to meet and go out and drive and enjoy the wonderful countryside with their cars. You can be a member or a guest of the club to take part.

To add variety to the club we are always asking for people to be actively involved either with new ideas or suggestions around existing ideas. The club is there for us all to enjoy and it helps if people get involved with suggestions. It could be a route you think would be a good drive, a new place for the meeting, a restaurant that would be good for a meal after the event that can take up to 50 people with parking for 20+ cars or picnic spots with parking or any other idea they would like to see used.

It would be wonderful if someone would like to organise one of the monthly drives / rallies with the aid of an experienced committee member.

We would also like to hear from people if they would like to have a different type of event, all suggestions are welcome!  If you have any news that you think would be of interest to other people in the club please let us know,we have a monthly newsletter on the website. Please go to these links to make your suggestions or email at please supply your telephone number if you would like a committee member to call you to discuss your suggestion with you.

Share your comments with us

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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