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Golf 50th Anniversary Drive 

Saturday 24 March 2024

The March 2024 Touristic Classic Car Club Mallorca Drive was organised by G. Westphal
and was designed to celebrate the arrival of an extraordinary and long-lasting car, follower

of the Beatle, namely the VW Golf. It was launched in March1974 from the Wolfsburg factory,
arriving to the VW dealers in August 1974 and has gone through many changes over the 8
generations until today. The VW Golf has always been a distinctive and enduring car that is
still going strong today, on his 50 Anniversary.

Gaston had organised this Club Drive with a great deal of care and attention to detail, even
inviting along several classic Golf cars as a Red VW Golf MK1 GTI, driven by Enrique
Carbonell, an official rally driver, who brought his daughter along for the experience and for
her to learn about being a co-pilot! Other invitees were Glasson Fitzpatrick and his brother
David, one driving a Black Golf MK2 16V and the other a white MK1respectively.

The route would focus on the central and North of the island and include all types of roads.

We met at a new venue, the restaurant & Tafona Son Catiu, which is East of Inca.
25 cars attended with nearly 50 drivers, and we all formed a long procession of cars in front
of the restaurant, which was quite spectacular.

We set off shortly after 11am, in 1 minute intervals, with a combination of instructions, but
before we could set off, we had to answer a VW golf related question, which was part of the
marks to decide the winner. First, we were given a sheet showing the original Rally
Roadbook stage as on Rally Clasico Mallorca authorised by the organiser Toni Dezcallar,
that directed us from Son Catiu, along the Ma-3440 towards Llubi, and then Santa
Margalida. This was the end of the first part of Gaston’s Club Drive.

The second part was a conventional set of instructions that listed town names that we had to
head for. From Santa Margalida we were directed North to Muro then West to Inca, then
North again to Selva and Caimari, where we picked up the Tramuntana Road. This section
of the rally towards Lluc and then Pollensa was the most picturesque and beautiful section of
the car run. It was also the most challenging, as it was a narrow and twisty road, rising in
elevation that had many cyclists on it, who were navigating their up the hilly terrain.

Our finish was in the Bay of Pollensa and the restaurant Ca’n Josep Ca Vostra, which was
frontline and had gorgeous views of the sea. The food was spectacular, with every dish
being well prepared and delicious. The frito Mallorquin was exceptional.

Before we could enter the restaurant, Gaston had us all throw a series of dice to see if we
could get as close the 21 as possible, making it a variation of the card game
Blackjack/Pontoon. Along with the question earlier, and some other challenges, this would
ultimately find the winners. The winner of this car run was Hans-Peter and Elke Dinsing
with their Austin Healey from 1953 and in second place was Glasson Fitzpatrick with his Golf
16V from 1988 and in third place was Mike Dawson and Angela Mayol with their Ford Anglia
Van from 1966. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone for
attending this Club Drive.

Finally, a special thank you to Gaston for staging such a memorable and enjoyable Touristic
Club Drive and for organising such a wonderful meal and an amazing restaurant. Thanks
also to Helen Pitt for her handling the administration of this Club Drive.

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