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The “Autumn Jam Rally” was staged on Sunday the 1 October and was organised by the Club’s new committee member Blanca Ramos.  This was the first car rally that Blanca had organised and, as everyone can testify, it was an enjoyable and memorable car run.  It was also the Club’s first outing since July. 

We resume the Car runs in Late September/early October because we expect the weather to be cooler but, on this occasion, it was a glorious sunny day with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius! It was the perfect weather for this particular car run because instead of finishing with a restaurant meal we ended it with an outdoor picnic.

Around 15 cars attended this car run and all met at Festival Park near Marratxi.  We also had a few new faces in attendance, some of whom came as guests and two others joined as new members.  The two new members were Andrew and Anne Dychkoff and Gerrit and Alexandra Boettcher – we would like to warmly welcome them to the club.

The route of the car run was approximately 65kms, and from Festival Park the cars headed north through Bunyola, across to Orient, which gave us some spectacular views from the mountains.  From there we passed Castell d’Alaro, driving past Alaro on the Ma-2022, and then picked up the Ma-13 to Santa Maria. The final stretch of the run was on the Ma-3020 driving through Sencelles and Costix and then navigating our way through some narrow country lanes to Ermita de Llubi, approximately 1km from the town of Llubi.  

Ermita de Llubi is a designated area for picnics and has an interesting small church-like structure occupying the site.  It is a small ‘oratory’, called the ‘Hermitage de Llubi’, and was built as recently as 1986.

It was the perfect spot for members to enjoy their picnics and mingle and catch up on each other’s news.

There were no questions to answer on this Car Run, so no there are no winners to announce. 

We would like to say a big thank you to Blanca for organizing the event and for making sure we all had a great time.  

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