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The annual Almond Blossom Rally took place on Sunday 29 January 2023 in the Northeast of Mallorca.  Remarkably, it is the seventeenth Almond Blossom Rally that Jean Pierre has done on behalf of the Classic Car Club!  A fantastic achievement.

This was a well-attended car run, with 29 cars and 50 people turning up on what was a cold and initially a wet and cloudy day.  However, shortly before the start of the run, the weather changed and the sun came out, brightening up everyone’s day. 

We all met at El Cruce restaurant on the MA15 and after a coffee and croissant we received our instructions from Jean Pierre.  The route was 68 kilometres long and had us heading to Petra, Manacor, Arta, Capdapera and ending in the port of Cala Ratjada. The route took us along picturesque roads, some quite narrow and twisty, with some wonderful views along the way.  There was also an opportunity to stop and have a coffee in Capadapera.

On the way Jean Pierre had placed some panels, marked A, B and C with stickers enclosed, which we had to collect, and asked a series of questions that were pertinent to the area.  The car run ended in Cala Ratjada, at the La Tratorria restaurant where we had a delicious three course meal.

Four couples ended up winning, so a tie breaker was introduced to separate them and find a winner.  In third place was Eric Woolger and Maxine Meah, in second place was Arne and Susan Soedal and in first place was Linda and Alan Walker.  Incredibly, Linda was spot on with the tie break question, which was: ‘When did the lighthouse in Capdapera first start operating?’  The answer was 1861, which was Linda’s answer!  I can categorically say that no cheating took place!  So, well done to everyone and commiserations to Gerton and Mareike, who came fourth.

We would all like to thank Jean Pierre for putting in so much effort and time to create another great Almond Blossom Car Run.  Also, a big thank you to Helen Pitt for her tireless work in the background on all the administration side of the Car Run.

The next Car Run will be on Sunday the 26 February 2023 – details to follow in due course.

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